8 foods that are at high risk of ‘sodium’

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  • Natural foods that are high in sodium is meat food. especially red meat like pork and beef, these fresh foods There is a sufficient amount of sodium to meet the needs of the body. without the need for any seasonings
  • Processed food, canned food of all kinds, and food that has undergone food preservation processes such as fermented food, dried food, salted meat, salted fish, pickled fish, pickled vegetables, pickled fruits, etc.
  • various seasonings such as salt, fish sauce, soy sauce, soy bean paste, Budu sauce, shrimp paste, pickled fish, fermented tofu, oyster sauce, as well as dipping sauces to add flavor. Such as tomato sauce, chili sauce, seafood sauce, chicken dipping sauce. Which is a food for kidney disease patients or those who need to limit sodium should abstain.
8 foods that are at high risk of 'sodium'
  • MSG contains about 15% sodium.
  • Crunchy snacks, besides having sodium as an ingredient to add flavor. These foods also contain added salt or preservatives. which contains a very high amount of sodium
  • Instant food such as noodles, porridge, boiled rice, various soups, both in cubes and sachets
  • Fill the pastry baking powder such as cakes, cookies, pancakes, bread, baking powder. Which is used to make these snacks a sodium component. (sodium bicarbonate). Including instant starch that can be used to make desserts with sodium because baking powder has already been mixed.
  • Sometimes the water supply during the high sea level. There may be sodium in it as well. including sports drinks for athletes and fruit juices. It is often added to the preservative or sodium benzoate. It make these juices It’s also high in sodium.