Organic vegetables doesn’t use any chemicals at all.

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Vegetables organic or organic ( Of Organic ) rather simple to understand and it is vegetables are natural.  There is no use of any chemical substance. It is a real organic vegetable, just like the real nature, but the cultivation has to modify to mimic nature. Such as soil fertilizer, soil maintenance, air, moisture, water, etc. Vegetables can be grown in a natural way by natural foods

Organic vegetables

Organic vegetables are something that is very natural. The cultivation is also a high investment. It takes a long time to cultivate. Make this vegetable if it release into the market will be an expensive vegetable. Because of the high cost of production. Where there will be environmental issues that need time to adjust. So as not to encroach on pests Which some places even grow mosquito nets to plant. But some places are grown in greenhouses However, no matter what method plant or making vegetables grow in any way. The most important thing is Do not use any chemicals, whether they are harmless to plants and animals. Will be available but only Organic that comes from nature only. Therefore it consider to be ” organic vegetables “

It doesn’t use any chemicals at all.

Such as pesticides, chemical fertilizers or stimulants, growth accelerators, organic vegetables, all ingredients must be natural. If chemicals are used, they are not considered organic vegetables. Keep in mind that what plant on the field has its own protection against disease and insect protection. To grow healthy vegetables Will help increase the immunity of vegetables that are grown higher Using chemicals or pesticides Will weaken the power or immunity in the fight against disease and the disease is prone to. But some will use little chemicals sparingly. This might referr to as “95% Organic” or how many percent it is. 

It does not cause pollution in the production process. 

Organic vegetables in addition to focusing on the people who eat it are healthy. Another important purpose is to reduce pollution to nature. Because the use of various chemicals will cause toxic residues in the soil, in the air and in the water, which these toxins will be decomposed, will take a long time. It might take tens of years to decompose. Organic farming methods are a great way to restore the lost nature. Because in addition to vegetables that do not contain chemicals It also helps to reduce pollution as well.