The advantages of donation blood.

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Blood donation many people may just see that. We donation blood to the Thai Red Cross or various hospitals to need treatment or reserve blood in case of emergency. That is the main purpose of requesting blood donations. But did you know that donating blood also has a very positive effect on the donor? 

          The advantages of donating blood. 

  • Has been a giver First of all, we can donate blood as a giver. have helped fellow human beings together Best of all, we might be able to extend someone’s life at all.
  • Make healthy Donating blood can make us healthier. Donated blood accounts for 7% of the body’s excess blood. When this blood goes out, it stimulates the bone marrow to produce new blood cells. The circulatory system will work better. 
  • Shape could be better skin could be better Continuing from the above When the circulatory system works better The new blood that is produced will help in making the skin glow. Functioning in the body has improved as well.
  • Reduce cancer risk Studies have shown that donating blood has the opportunity to reduce the risk of many types of cancer, such as liver cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer. There have also been reports of excess iron in the body. It may affect your risk of coronary artery disease or certain types of cancer. Donating blood can help reduce that excess iron.
  • Make us discipline regular blood donation (Donate every 3 months) will help us have more discipline in life. Because donating blood, donors have to take care of their own health. get enough sleep nutritious food Donating blood is like a requirement. regulations for ourselves
  • Special privileges for blood donors   Blood donors receive special privileges in terms of medical care. When donating a certain amount of blood, for example, donating 7 times or more, you can claim the right to help for special room and special meals up to 50 percent or more than 24 times. You can request the right to help 100 percent for medical expenses, etc. 

Blood donation.

          Here are the details for anyone interested in donating blood. can read at blood donor properties  During this kind of covids. The blood reserves are particularly low. Who has a strong body no risk If you meet the qualifications, do not forget to donate blood for your fellow human beings and for ourselves.