The benefits of fat

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The benefits of fat.Fat is a staple food, group 5 consists of Vegetable and animal fats. Which we tend to use in cooking to make food taste and colorful. It also includes the fat inserted in various meats such as pork, beef, fat is 15-30 percent, chicken meat is 6-15 percent fat, while some types of fish are less than a hundred fat.

The benefits of fat

There are two types of fats: good fats and bad fats.Good fats are fats rich in essential fatty acids. Which are saturated fats that the body cannot create on their own. Fat is essential to the growth and development of the body. Including the production of certain hormones that fat is bad saturated fats (found in meat, milk, butter) and trans fats.(Found in margarine Packaged sweets and pastries) .This fat increases cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood. Causing fat clots in the blood vessels Can cardiovascular disease By the main food of this group 5, when the body is digested, it will have fatty nutrients.

 The benefits of fat are as follows.

  1. Provides energy and warmth to the body (1 gram of fat provides 9 calories). Fat is stored under the skin in various parts of the body such as hips, thighs, etc. and stored fat. Warms the body and provides energy stored for long-term need.
  2. Help prevent the impact of internal organs in the body Caused by shocks or caused by vigorous movement of the body Fat is therefore a great help to prevent injury to internal organs of the body.
  3. It helps in the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin D and vitamin K.
  4. It protects and prevents heat. Including helping to maintain a constant body temperature Which serves as insulation of the subcutaneous tissues and organs within the body
  5. Our nerves are high in fat. Especially the function of covering the nerve Thus helping to protect the nerves and make it work more efficiently. When directed from the brain to the muscles and organs within the body
  6. Lipids, when combined with proteins, are lipoproteins, which are the building blocks of cells, especially their cell walls and mitochondria. This part is therefore very beneficial to the body. Because the body contains millions of cells And body cells are produced every day to repair the wear and tear, if fat is lacking, the body’s cell wall is weak. As a result, dead cells cannot be regenerated.
  7. The taste of the food should be palatable, it needs to contain the right amount of fat and will help keep your stomach full.