The benefits of organic vegetables

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Resulting in good quality organic vegetables produce

 No toxic residue And is highly safe for consumers .Since organic vegetables are 100% pure natural vegetables, all ingredients are pure. It does not contain various toxins that are carcinogenic.

Organic vegetable consumption 

Regular moderation in moderation will improve the health of the body. Make the body healthy Not easily get sick Have a better quality of life

organic vegetables Help to reduce the risk of getting cancer. 

Because organic vegetables have more antioxidants than other vegetables. Which recognize as involve in anti-cancer

Help reduce the risk of children with cerebral palsy. 

Unusual puck and autism Because more than 100 chemicals that are harmful to the fetus are the cause of the disease. And eating organic vegetables is also good for your mother. It also helps the mother’s milk contain higher than normal nutritional value fatty acids.

Do not believe, I have to believe that the pesticide residues in vegetables in general organic vegetables.

It has a direct effect on sex hormones and can cause sex deterioration. If you don’t want to take the risk, stop eating chemicals that use chemicals again.

When compared with general vegetables Organic vegetables contain more valuable vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and nutrients and antioxidants than regular vegetables.

 (However, some data indicate that the amount of vitamins of vegetables There was no difference between organic and general cultivation. (There is only phosphorus that organic vegetables have more than regular vegetables), but it’s still better, right? Normally grown, pesticides are detected.)

The taste of organic vegetables is better than those that are commonly grown.

 If you can’t figure it out, think of seasonal fruits and off-season fruits that require chemicals. Which fruit tastes better

In addition to being a non-toxic vegetable Various cultivation processes can also help reduce pollution as well. Because growing vegetables in general will contaminate the chemicals used to prevent and eliminate pests in soil, water and in the air.

Restore soil condition

 This is because chemical agriculture is known to degrade the soil and not have good cultivation properties. Causing anything to grow is not getting good produce as needed Moreover, cultivated vegetables rarely get the full nutritional value they should be.

Enhances biological diversity

 Because not using chemicals or pesticides will help keep local life alive. And helping to continually increase biological diversity

Help cultivators to have better health. 

Because no harmful chemicals in Making farmers safe from these chemicals. So it

Helps to reduce production costs in terms of purchasing costs of fertilizers and chemicals and help reduce the import volume of chemicals from abroad .