The steps to the exercise are effective!

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The steps to the exercise are effective! for Exercising to get results Has reduced proportions With beautiful toned muscles Will have to do exercise, which is divided into 2 types:

The steps to the exercise are effective

1. Cardio 

Exercise that will help burn off body fat. It is the same type of aerobic. But differs in that it is hard to play The cardio is divided into 4 levels of strength compared to heart rate, namely Low Intensity , Medium Intensity , High Intensity and the last one is Extra High Intensity.

Aerobic exercise is general exercise that is not stressed. Play according to the condition of the body that can be played But both are useful for exercise as well. Depending on the aptitude of who will choose which type to use. It is also a draw for oxygen to be used in the combustion energy as well. If you don’t think much Cardio and aerobic are the same types of exercise. 

Which of these types of exercise has advantages is Helping to burn energy, fats and carbohydrates away. The food we eat will not accumulate and turn into excess fat that will be stored in an emergency according to the body’s survival. Until causing weight gain It also helps strengthen the heart and lung muscles. It increases endurance and stimulates the circulatory system. And make it less tiring as well

2. Weight training 

one of the more popular forms of exercise. But in the past, it seemed like this exercise was only popular with male bodybuilders, also known as bodybuilders. It makes us mistakenly remember that weight training for most girls that, when released, will make the body big, muscular, muscular, muscular, which is not what women in modern values ​​with their slim and slim figure but Somehow Which is a misunderstandin.

The steps to the exercise are effective

As we said earlier What we want to get rid of is the fat that is attached to it. So going to the gym doesn’t mean it’s not unnecessary. But once we go in, we need to understand the goals and play correctly what the real weight loss is. Not just playing with all kinds of crazy rides. When you sweat a lot until the time limit is reached, take a break and go home with ease. Because the real workout is so much more than just a 30-minute jog on the treadmill, new muscles are built and the fat is destroyed. This is the right goal, so you can get into the gym that is worth your money.