What are the substances in popular whitening creams?

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What are the substances in popular whitening creams? Which one is at risk, which one works? There are many skin whitening cosmetics available in the market today. As we know as ” White Face Cream ” (Whitening Products), which is a popular product for women. Because there are many creams that are used, the skin actually becomes clearer and the results are seen quickly. But within a short time This whiteness can replace by side effects such as allergic rashes, thin face, redness, gradual burns, etc. That will take a long time to heal and in some cases it may be permanent.

But in order not to be taken advantage of and be affected by poor quality white cream or White face cream that secretly contains some harmful substances. In this article, we describe the most popular substances that manufacturers like to put (or secretly put) into the whitening cream, what are the harmful substances that can use and the risk of collapse. 

substances in popular whitening creams
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How many types of substances are in the whitening cream?

  • Substances that inhibit the production of melanin It is found mostly in white cream and there are many kinds. It contains both safe and unsafe substances, including Arbutin (Arbutin), Kojic Acid (Kojic Acid), Licholize (Licorice Extract), Mahad Extract (Lakoocha Extract), Vitamin C (Vitamin C). , Vitamin E (Vitamin E), Extracts from Soybean (Soybean Extract), substances in a group of derivatives Resorcinol (Resorcinol), etc.
  • Exfoliating agents are retinoic acid, AHA, BHA. Most of them are harmful substances and must be used under supervision of: physician Because it is used, it will make the skin thin and freckles more easily than before.
  • Other substances that may be found in skin whitening creams. Which we will not talk about in this article It does not directly whiten the skin. Including substances that prevent the skin from increasing the amount of pigment or substances that protect the sun (eg Titanium dioxide, Zinc oxide), substances that help to fight free radicals (such as Co -enzyme Q10), a substance that reduces inflammation or skin irritation (such as aloe vera Centella asiatica extract), substances that add moisture to the skin (such as Hyaluronic acid), etc.

Substances in substances in popular whitening creams are risky

The following whitening agents are harmful substances that are not normally found in most whitening creams. Because it is a substance that is banned as an ingredient in cosmetics (except AHA and BHA).

However, there are still some manufacturers who secretly mix these harmful substances that quickly see into the whitening cream, so if you use a whitening cream. Any symptoms of itching or inflammation should stop immediately. And went to see a doctor for further treatment (Mercury is a substance that is strictly prohibited. Hydroquinones, steroids and retinoids can classify as potentially dangerous drugs in the treatment. And can use only under the supervision and supervision of a doctor)