What are vitamins for the elderly?

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What are vitamins for the elderly? For older people, their nutritional needs are quite varied. Which will vary from person to person But in general People over 65 years of age need a vitamin and mineral supplement. Especially calcium and magnesium And vitamin B complex and vitamin C, vitamin E.

vitamins for the elderly?

At this age, you should eat foods that contain some fiber. To help reduce common problems with constipation, but for those whose chewing is a problem. Foods that are high in fiber can be ground into small chunks to soften them. Without reducing its effectiveness in any way.

However, the elderly should try to refrain from desserts. Because it may be vulnerable to diabetes easily Let’s see Vitamins for the elderly What vitamins and minerals should be taken regularly every day?

Vitamins for the elderly

B complex vitamins help many things, such as health issues in the body, muscles, heart, nervous system, digestive system Blood circulation.

Vitamin E should be taken 200-400 IU per day to help alleviate poor blood flow.

Calcium should be 1,500 mg per day to help keep bones and teeth strong when taken with phosphorus.

Phosphorus 750 mg per day to help the structure of bones and teeth strong. Help repair the worn parts of the body.

Magnesium 250 mg. When combined with calcium, it helps to strengthen the heart and blood vessels. And also helps to strengthen teeth health

Manganese 5 mg per day will help prevent osteoporosis.

Iron 15 mg per day. Elderly people are often deficient in this mineral. Which causes anemia Less disease resistance, making the body more vulnerable and tired.

Coenzyme Q-10 per day will help strengthen the heart function. And helps to strengthen the immune system in the body

Ginkgo biloba or ginkgo leaf extract 60 mg per day stimulates blood circulation. Reduce cramps or sore muscles