What is organic vegetable?

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All ingredients come from nature. 

What is organic vegetable? Organic vegetables do not use any chemical or synthetic substances in their cultivation and culture. It is a vegetable that is raised and raised with all natural foods, grown in chemical-free home soil. Use compost or natural manure for cultivation. And the seeds used have no genetic decoration It can be said that it is a 100% pure natural food creation, so every ingredient is pure There are no toxins to help cause cancer.

What is organic vegetable?

Soil used for agriculture It must be good soil. It is rich in minerals and nutrients. Can hold water and drain well. There are many beneficial microorganisms in the soil to aid in the degradation of nutrients. And makes the roots easy to absorb nutrients It also helps prevent disease and pests. Accelerate growth And makes the plants grow strong The soil used for cultivation must be non-toxic for at least 3 years or a plot that has not been used for 5 years.

The water used must not come from common sources. Because this type of water source is contaminated with many chemicals Which is the residue that is released from the use of water in various houses or from the wastewater of general factories By growing organic vegetables, some places use water that digs up to 150 meters deep within the farm or underground water.

What is organic vegetable? Some compost can be obtained from cow or chicken dung as raw material for composting.

In general agriculture has to deal with weeds with chemicals, but in reality Weeds themselves are considered beneficial for agriculture. Because there is a lot of fiber on the soil Will cause good drainage In heavy rain Thus helping to preserve the ground And weeds can also help with the proliferation of plant roots. So it can be said that it is a truly natural law. 

It serves to switch nutrients in the upper and lower layers of the ground. To enable the circulation of nutrients in the soil They also become fresh crops for the soil, so some organic vegetables do not remove all weeds. And after harvesting, the field is rehabilitated for about 2 weeks. After which the grass that comes up on the field is then knocked out. Doing so will have fresh manure in them. Which is considered to be a great help to maintain good soil.

A combination of vegetables grown on the field with grass or weeds. Will not make the soil liquid muddy Weaken the insect And makes the roots better absorbed But some vegetables do not like to coexist with grass or weeds, so it is important that weeds and vegetables are naturally consistent. And the weeds must not be the enemy of vegetables.