What is social jet lag?

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What is social jet lag? Many people have heard of the term jet lag, which is fatigue, lethargy, and dull brain. It happens to people traveling across the country with different day-night time zones. Causing the body to adjust to bedtime according to the time of that country. As a result, the biological clock in the body is erratic.

What is social jet lag?
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Which is weak drowsy all the time and this dull brain. It can happen to people who haven’t traveled across the country as well. This usually happens on Monday or the day you start coming back to work. After a long break, it is known as ‘Social jet lag’. 

Social jet lag is caused by what? 

Social jet lag uses the same principle to explain the symptoms of Jet lag, i.e. fatigue, lethargy, lack of energy, and stubbornness of the brain, mainly due to Not going to bed at any time causes Circadian Rhythms or the clock of life to be disturbed.

Circadian Rhythms or the clock of a person’s life. There is a working cycle of 24 hours (1 day) acting on waking up – falling asleep. It also controls the secretion of hormones. including the functions of various systems in the body

The clock of life coordinates with the brain. Relying on the rise and fall of the sun through the perception of light behind the eyes when the sun rises or when the sky is bright The clock of life will wake us up. secrete various hormones Awaken the system within the body to be ready for life. When the sun sets or when the sky is dark Life clock will make us feel sleepy. Prepare your body to go into rest mode. And it will be like this over and over every day.

But if there is a change in waking up and going to bed, for example on Friday – Saturday. We go to bed late and wake up 2-3 hours late. Life clock will adjust the system. to be related to our bedtime-wake time But by Sunday night, we switched to bed early. to get up early on Monday Our life clock has to adjust the system again.