What you need to know about protein?

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What you need to know about protein? Proteins and carbohydrates have the same amount of calories per gram. Therefore, eating protein can also cause obesity. We cannot eat fats or carbohydrates as a substitute for protein. Since there is no nitrogen as an element.

Considering the value of protein foods Need to take into account both the quantity (How much protein) and quality (complete with essential amino acids or not), which dairy and egg proteins are considered to be of excellent nutritional value? Because it contains all amino acids. The protein obtained from plants is lower than that of meat and eggs. It is also deficient in some essential amino acids such as corn lysine and tryptophan deficiency. Rice lacking lysine and threonine. The peas have a very high protein content. But Ta has low methione levels. Like this However, plant proteins are still important. It is cheaper and is a staple food for people in developing countries.

Protein requirements depend on two factors:

1. The amount of food you eat and the quality of the protein. 

2. How old are the males? Pregnant or breastfeeding? Have any symptoms or not? And protein requirements decrease with age. For example, a newborn baby needs approximately

2.2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. And the demand will continue to decline until the age of 19 and you will need only 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. As for the adults, even though they are already growing. But the body still needs protein to repair the wear and tear of the body. But for pregnant women, they need an additional 30 grams of protein per day, and breastfeeding women will need an additional 20 grams of protein per day, etc.