Early menopause how are the symptoms.

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          Check for symptoms of early menopause. If you are a whipped girl age 30+. But have already started to experience the following symptoms. It is recommend to urgently go to see an obstetrician to check the health of the uterus. And the functioning of the ovaries.

          1. Irregular menstruation.

          If the menstrual period is irregular. Some have disappeared. Some are lost for 3 months in a row. Indicating that the hormone secretion of the body is irregular. This UFABET may be one of the indications of premature menopause.

          2. Irritability, mood swings.

          In addition to irregular menstruation. People who are premature menopause tend to have mood swings. Easily irritable or depressed sad for no reason.

          3. Can’t sleep, hot flashes

          With lower levels of hormones in the body. It results in hot flashes, chills, and discomfort. Resulting in difficulty sleeping restless sleep leading to insufficient rest.

golden age

4. Fatigue, easily tired,

          When unable to sleep often. The body is not resting enough will result in fatigue during the day. I felt my strength declined and easily tired. The symptoms accumulate tired, not fresh.

5. Dry vagina.

          Lack of estrogen will result in the body producing less lubricant. Some people will experience vaginal dryness. And decreased sexual desire.

6. Skin begins to sag.

          Dry skin easily wrinkled and not as firm as before. This is another symptom that has already entered the golden age.

7. Forgetfulness.

          Menopausal women tend to have more forgetfulness than before. This may be a result of aging and hormonal imbalances in the body. As a result. The function of the brain in learning and remembering declines.