How to diagnose acne severity? 

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Acne severity is a classic skin problem. That affects both the physical and mental aspects of people of all genders and ages that have it. Many people are threaten with different types of acne. Both clog acne and inflame acne, everyone finds a way to get rid of acne and how to treat acne. Which sometimes heals. Sometimes it is so chronic or so severe that it requires medical attention. But how do we know how severe the acne problem is? Here’s some information on dermatologist- base acne severity ratings.

 Including how to treat acne in different stages by rating the severity of acne. Acne is the leading cause of most dermatologist visits for patients. Acne appears in women .Between the ages of 14-17 and in men aged 16-19, the severity of acne increases 3-5 years after the onset of acne. UFABET It usually disappears between the ages of 20-25.

However, acne can occur in adults as well, with 85% of acne cases being mild. only 15 percent with severe inflammatory acne Severity rating of acne It is to provide a guideline for acne care treatment of specialists who treat patients with acne problems. To be accurate according to academic principles and efficiency is accept by both doctors and patients.  

  • Mild acne is predominantly comedone or less than 10 papules and pustules ( GEA 0,1,2).
  • Moderate acne is defined as the presence of more than 10 papule and small pustule and/or less than 5 nodule ( GEA 3).
  • Severe acne refers to the presence of various types of acne, including papules and pustules, numerous nodules and cysts, or persistent and persistent acne. recur or purulent discharge ( GEA level 4,5)