Is Intermittent Fasting good?

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Is Intermittent Fasting good? Many people may be wondering whether the 8-hour diet, 16-hour fasting, with eating anything in the eight-hour diet really helps you lose weight, and whether Intermittent Fasting is good, we would like to discuss nutritionist Azmina. Govindji of the British Dietetic Association, who told the Huffinton Post UK website about the matter, said: In fact Training the body to get nutrients over time And abstain from food according to time is one of the brain training.

Is Intermittent Fasting good?

          Also, as we take the 8:16 hour course. We believe that everyone will automatically become more conscious of their food choices. It is one psychology that makes people realize that What kind of food should be eaten on a full stomach for a long time, after 16 hours will not feel hungry again.

          However, also added that nutritionists.The 8:16 hour diet principle is a way to lose weight that has a lot of effect on the mind. Because whenever we try to fast Try not to eat The body demands that we eat. And causing a lot of hunger. But when there is a time limit that you can eat anything within this time. Weight loss will not be too tight. This allows people to lose weight with this method less stress.

          Moreover, the periods we choose to fast are often the times when the body should be rested. Badly Or adversely affect health. As long as you choose to eat a complete diet according to the principles of nutrition. And not torturing yourself too much.