Items for the gym beginners

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What kins of Items for the gym beginners ? Many people are probably familiar with the gym as well. Exercise machines and fun classes Make many girls Many people are addicted to going to the gym to become a daily routine. And now there are a lot of new fitness openings Can choose the location Convenient to travel Giving women more options for exercise.

But for beginners who want to exercise at the gym for the first time May be afraid, shy, or not acting right Let’s take a look at what items we should prepare for the First time into fitness.

Going to the gym for the first time, prepare yourself, what do you prepare for?

Items for the gym beginners

1. Towels

Some people may prepare 2 towels because the first one we use to clean tools and equipment before playing because sometimes the use of equipment from other people. The equipment is in a state that is wet and sweaty.

The second piece is used to absorb sweat during exercise. But if you don’t want to prepare yourself, you can first ask the fitness center. Whether there are free towels for members or not

2. Roll on your favorite scent.

Women like us can have a body odor, let me tell you. Therefore, after exercising and washing your torso in the gym’s bathroom. Anyone who is afraid of having an unpleasant smell Don’t forget to bring your favorite scented roll with you to use to deodorize.

Some fitness centers have a spray roll-on service. Therefore, when we visit the fitness center before signing up for membership. Don’t forget to check out the bathroom accessories and the dressing room as well.

3.Facial cleansing foam

After finishing exercise Some people may take a shower to wash away the sweat stains and to refresh the body. But do not forget that the face is the most important part for women like us, so do not forget to carry a cleansing foam. Clean your face after exercising as well. Go to exercise, take care of your body, and have to take care of your facial skin as well.

4. Headphones and smartphones

Music keeps us entertained and helps us work out for an incredible amount of time. Try carrying a smartphone with a playlist of fun songs. And your favorite song with you Ensure that playing exercise equipment in your fitness will be fun and not boring. And to be more convenient to exercise May choose a Bluetooth headset When exercising, you do not need a headphone cable. Makes exercising more comfortable

5. Personal water bottle

Many people may think that when the fitness is already sold. Most of the fitness centers provide free water refill points for members. Why should I carry my own water bottle again? Because there may not be enough glasses available. And during class we can always sip water You don’t have to leave the class to drink water. Causing our exercise to be interrupted Therefore, carry a personal water bottle to fill it with water for sipping during exercise. Especially in classes where we sweat a lot Having a water bottle to carry around is very useful.

6.Fitness attire and spare clothes

Coming to the thing that is indispensable: sportswear, so make sure to bring your best fitness outfit ready