Running further for the first marathon

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Running further for the first marathon. Anyone interested in running and looking beyond the full marathon race Or running longer distances in order to create good health. Maybe you’re looking for a way to increase endurance, as well as increase the “distance running” for a longer distance, right? Today, Fit Me brings you 5 techniques for training to run longer. Ensure that following these techniques will definitely help you run further.

Before going to look at the technique of running further The practice of running at each distance is also important. You can follow along to read at what distance you run, how much practice is good

Running further for the first marathon

1. Ignore speed

Many people may think that I have to run fast, have to accelerate so that I can get to the finish line or reach my destination very quickly. But it turned out that when near the finish line Or maybe only half way You are exhausted like that !?

To run further, the first thing is to ignore speed. Because our goal is to increase the distance of running We should run at a speed that we feel comfortable. Can run continuously without a break When we can run longer distances according to our goals We can practice to improve the speed later.

Gradually evolving step by step Because of that we will run faster In the distance too Must use the availability of muscles as well. If our muscles are not strong enough It can easily cause injury.

2. Each week, add 5-10 minutes of running time.

When we started exercising or practicing running for a while We will have a period of time that we can run comfortably, such as running for 30 minutes continuously without getting tired, etc. This principle is the same as Running for weight loss is that if we run the same way The body will adjust. And get used to running in that distance Causing our running to not develop.

When we know the distance that we have run Don’t increase your distance gradually; gradually increase the duration.For example, you can run for 30 minutes in the following week, add another 10 minutes to your normal running speed. Gradually increase like this every week.

Or if we normally run for less than 30 minutes, we can gradually increase it by 5 minutes per week so that we can run longer distances. Without causing injury to the body.

3. Set 1 day for us to run the new distance.

Choose one of the days of the week as the day for us to run the new distance. Because in running longer distances It took us longer to run.

With other days of the week we run at the same distance as usual Determining the exact date It will help us organize our own life schedule. Because in running new distances For some people, it is a long distance and takes longer than the distance we run regularly. When we set the day So we can clear ourselves up. Run with peace of mind And can run according to the distance that we have set new goals

4.Recharge while running Help to run further

Did you notice that in running long distances like a marathon We often see water breaks. Or saw some runners carry a power bar or energy gel with them. That is because during running your body burns a lot of energy.

If we don’t eat enough food or run out of energy along the way We can be exhausted. Therefore, drinking water and replenishing energy while running is essential to help you run further.

5. Be patient, patient, patient !!

Making yourself more durable and running further is not something that you will be able to train in a day or two.

So be patient, disciplined, and keep practicing the techniques we recommend on a regular basis. Fit Me believes that modern women like us need to be able to increase the mileage. Allow us to run more distances for sure.

In addition to training running according to these 5 techniques Don’t forget to explore our running posture that there are Correct running posture And yet? To make our runs more effective and prevent injuries.