Solve the problem of insomnia just adjust the behavior.

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To find the cause of various diseases that can cause insomnia. We must first examine ourselves whether there are any diseases that cause insomnia or not. whether it is physical. Such as gastrointestinal disease Respiratory disease and heart disease, etc. The most common psychological disease is depression. Mood swings, anxiety disorders, adaptive disorders, etc.

Getting enough sleep is an important factor in life. The needs of people in each age range are not the same. Regardless of age. If not getting enough sleep. It affects the body and mind. For example the body will have fatigue, shortened attention span, worsening memory, and impaired functioning. 

What to do.

1. Maintain bedtime and the most consistent awakening
2. Avoid eating heavy food before going to bed.
3. Exercise regularly. Exercise should be done in the morning or during the day and should not be very close to bedtime. (Exercises should be at least 2 hours away from bedtime.)
4. Set aside time for relaxation. body and mind About 30 minutes before going to bed.
5. Avoid pondering problems before going to bed.
6. Arrange the bedroom to provide an atmosphere suitable for sleeping, which is quiet, comfortable, safe, without disturbing light. well ventilated and suitable temperature is not too hot not too cold

What not to do.

1. Taking a nap during the day for more than 30 minutes
2. Watching your watch often or having it close to your eyes
3. Doing stimulating or stressful activities before bed, such as watching a television program, movie, or reading an exciting book. Stress before bedtime or playing on a computer, mobile phone, social networking before going to bed, etc.
4. Eating a heavy meal before going to bed.
5. Drinking caffeinated beverages. After noon, such as coffee, tea, soft drinks, chocolate, cocoa, etc.
6. Smoking before going to bed or when insomnia, because the nicotine in cigarettes will have a stimulating effect, making it difficult to fall asleep.
7. Drinking alcohol before going to bed will causing poor quality sleep
8. Using the bed for activities other than sleep and sex, such as eating. book reading Exercising in bed, working or talking on the phone, etc.