Soy milk and breast cancer

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               Food that we eat in our daily life It contains a lot of soy products such as tofu, Soy milk, seasoning sauces, soybean paste, etc. So it would be difficult to avoid them. But if we can’t avoid And eating every day is dangerous to the breasts of young women like us or not?

” Soy products ” really increase the risk of breast cancer ?

There are many patients who ask the doctor about soy sauce. Or soy products that actually increase the chance of cancer? This is because soy contains isoflavones. Which act as estrogen and in rat studies. Can increase the risk of breast cancer. But from UFABET the current information Soybeans contain estrogen.

A plant-based estrogen. Phytoestrogens, therefore, have not been conclusively shown in humans to increase the risk of breast cancer on the other hand. Some studies have shown that if taken in larger amounts. May also reduce the risk of breast cancer as well. and for breast cancer patients eating soy Likely to reduce mortality from breast cancer

How much is good to eat ” Soy products ” ?

               Typically, according to the FDA recommendation, 15-25 grams of soybeans/day is recommended, or equivalent to approximately 1-2 cups of tofu or 1-2 glasses of Soy milk. soybean safely and the recommended dosage is 1-2 cups of tofu or 1-2 cups of tofu 

The risk of breast cancer There are many factors such as age, genetics, and lifestyle habits. A good prevention is to regularly check for abnormalities in the body and breasts. If you find the warning signs of breast cancer Should see a doctor immediately for early diagnosis and treatment.