What is the difference between losing weight and fat loss?

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What is the difference between losing weight and fat loss? This implication may seem like the same thing. But losing weight is all about talking about ” lightening the overall body weight “, which includes water weight, waste products, food we eat, fat and muscle. Therefore, if we use the weighing method to determine You will notice that by consuming a few glasses of water, your body weight can easily gain weight, so the numbers on the scales cannot be used as an accurate measure for weight loss. Rather, it is just a supplementary aid to let us know the change in gross weight

losing weight and fat loss?

The “ fat reduction ” is the most correct way to lose weight. Because our fitness and diet goals are to get rid of the fat portions. And replace them with smaller and more toned muscles. Even when compared in the same weight ratio But with fat as a liquid, it’s big. The muscles are twice as small.

The simple conclusion is that when you want to lose weight, you have to get rid of the fat. Even though the weight will not decrease. But if your body has more muscle than fat, your friends will be able to have a toned, leaner body. And forget about the numbers on the scales. Because some people have more muscle than fat May be more weight than some people who are more fat and also appear plump, less toned as well.

Why is it important to build more muscle?

First of all, you need to find the difference between muscle cells and fat and how they differ from each other. Let’s start with ” fat “, a substance that resides in the body and plays an important role in many processes of the body, but excess fat is what we need to get rid of. These fats are attached to the skin. Make the shape not fit Sagging skin It can be maintained without the need for energy to maintain its condition.

But only for the muscles It is a very important part for people who want to lose weight. The more muscle mass It makes the body burn energy better. The food we eat will not accumulate and turn into excess fat that will lead to rapid weight gain. The muscle cells are persistent so they need to be energized. The more the movement of the body The more energy is burned and used the more.

Even in the dormant, metabolic processes still work to burn nutrients, especially fat, more than those with less muscle mass. This is the reason why one should exercise to gain muscle. Not trying to fast to lose weight Because what follows is the fat that remains But what is lost is our precious muscle instead.