Deschamps understands the media likes to ask questions about Mbappe.

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Didier Deschamps, coach of the French national football team revealed that. He understands the duty of the media who often ask questions about Kylian Mbappe’s issues or situation.

Atletico Madrid has a queue to open the Stade Pierre Maurois, home to Lille. To deal with the Scottish national team In the warm-up game on Tuesday night. Les Bleus and Tartan just won tickets to play in the final round of Euro 2024. UFABET

In a press conference after ‘Dede’ confirmed that Mbappe is ready to play in the game on Tuesday. There are French media that haven’t missed the chance to ask about the 24-year-old captain’s absence from the press conference.

“Kylian is captain and he accepts his responsibility,” Deschamps said.

“After all, everyone has their own independent stance. Everyone has the right to express themselves freely or express their desires. Nothing bothers me at all. 

“There is only one thing in these difficult times. You have to be careful, handle everything evenly. This can lead to more worrying results than expected.”

In the past, Deschamps gave other players Has always served as a press conference instead of Mbappe, which according to the old tradition, Atletico usually has the team captain be the one to give a press conference along with the coach the day before going on the field.