Roque representative reveals the player is recovering faster than expected.

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Vitor Roque is set to move to Barcelona in January, the player’s agent has confirmed. Andre Cury, Vitor Roque’s agent has revealed that. Atletico Paranaense’s 18-year-old striker will return before the deadline. It is expected that the player will have to rest until December for rehabilitation after suffering an ankle injury in September. According to a report from Mundo Deportivo on Monday. 

‘There’s talk of a three-month injury. But we believe it’s within two months or a little sooner. It is an ankle ligament injury. But the doctor explained to us that there was no problem except that he needed rest to get better.’ Gourie revealed UFABET 

Curie brokered a deal between Barcelona and Paranaense before it was agreed upon by the players. And now they hope Roque will join the Azulgrana in January. 

‘He will play for Barca in January. We still hope he will play again on November 10th or 15th in the Brazilian national championship. To help his team win a quota to play in the next Copa Libertadores’ 

‘The main plan from the beginning was for him to join Barca on January 1. And his great advantage would be if he arrived on Friday. He will play on Sunday. Because he has a strong heart.’

‘The truth is I don’t know what the financial fair play situation is. But it has to be decided together where the players have something to say. A loan in the middle of the season would not be good business, not even for Barca or for the players.’

‘In the last case, it would be best to stay with Atletico Paranaense. Because sending him on loan to a club that has no responsibility for the young man would be an unnecessary risk.’ Curie said.