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Balance Exercise.

As people age, they lose the systems that help them Balance Exercise. Such as their vision, inner ears, or leg muscles and joints. Balance exercises can help improve balance and prevent falls. In general, this type of exercise can be done as often as needed.

Strength Training.

The body loses muscle mass as we age. Strength Training exercises will help build lost muscle. You can use equipment for muscle training, exercise bands, or various household items to train your muscles. You should exercise large muscle groups 2 days. Or more a week and

Aerobic Exercise.

Aerobic Exercise, this type of exercise is considered important for the functioning of the body by helping to improve heart rate and breathing. Helping to expand blood vessel walls, lowering blood pressure, burning excess body fat, lowering blood sugar levels. Reducing inflammation and increasing good

The effects of stress on health.

When people are exposed to stress stimuli, the body releases chemicals and hormones that trigger symptoms, thoughts, or behaviors in response to that stress. In some cases, stress is good for the body because it makes the body alert. Which is the body’s mechanism for balancing for