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How to diagnose acne severity? 

Acne severity is a classic skin problem. That affects both the physical and mental aspects of people of all genders and ages that have it. Many people are threaten with different types of acne. Both clog acne and inflame acne, everyone finds a way to get rid of

Soy milk and breast cancer

               Food that we eat in our daily life It contains a lot of soy products such as tofu, Soy milk, seasoning sauces, soybean paste, etc. So it would be difficult to avoid them. But if we can’t avoid And eating every day is dangerous to the breasts

What is social jet lag?

What is social jet lag?

What is social jet lag? Many people have heard of the term jet lag, which is fatigue, lethargy, and dull brain. It happens to people traveling across the country with different day-night time zones. Causing the body to adjust to bedtime according to the time of that country. As